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Characteristics of Markus
Name: Markus
e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Birthday: 1st May 1975
Born in: Zürich, Schweiz
Work: Radio-TV-Electrician
Diving since: 1999, SSI OWD-Instructor

Diving, Photography, Skiing, Hiking, Sauna (construction), Sports (sometimes), just to drown in my thoughts

My Duties:

Driver, Navigator, Mechanic, Webadministrator, Cutter


My expectation of this journey:
The way is the goal, or the goal is the way. To philosophizeaboutthat is a luxury, wich to achieve even some of the richest people wait a lifetime in vain.

The first true thoughts about my life I had as a 16 year old as I traveled (with Jugi Tours) alone through the Sinai Desert. About six years later I did my first steps in a journey through the west of the USA. There at the latest it didn't let go anymore; the dream of the freedom to explore this world by your own meanings.  Even though the secret plan has changed shape over time; the trike was stripped, diving came along. But I never let go of the dream.

Since Sonja, my Ex-Girlfriend and wife is on my side, we are planning together. We want to travel this world, dive into it, walk on it and see it with our own eyes. Doing so, we like to take up as many experiences, impressions and memories as we can carry. You never know how long it has to last...

Markus auf der Rigi
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