Health is an important point one should consider on forehand, then getting sick on such a journey makes it just half the fun. That is why it is recommended to the annual visit of your doctor or dentist before you leave, even if it is not due yet. It is also clear that one cannot be prepared for every eventuality, but for most of them a decent first-aid kit put together before you leave will do.

There are diseases were a vaccination can be a successful solution. Since some vaccinations need several shots it is recommended to start with it early enough, since it might be quite difficult to finish it while traveling.

A quick look in our vaccination card showed that we are quite well setup for diseases in our latitudes like; Tetanus, Polio, Dipherie as well as Hepatitis A and B. Renewals where just necessary with the tropical sickness. We decided for a topical doctor in Zürich (Dr med. B. Schmied at Praxis Dr. med. Beck, Zürich). For the following month we got a vaccinate plan that we will be immune right at the start for our big journey.

As additional vaccination we got: Yellow Fever, Rabies and Typhus. We also considered a vaccination against the Japanese Encephalitis, but that is only good for 2 year and will be passing through that area only about at that time. We might consider it again in Australia. For Malaria there is no vaccine. But a prophylaxis is in our first aid kit.

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