Vehicle choise

Looking at our plans and wishes it was quite clear that we want to be travelling by car. The search for a suitable vehicle was something else. Off Road capabilities were out of question and it has to be indestructible and if it has its sentimental phase it should be easy to fix. There is also the question of space, bedroom, living room and kitchen have to be inside let alone cloth- and shoe cupboard of the female part of the journey. But it still should pass through downtown anywhere and fit in a twenty foot cargo container. You think that does exist!?!

After the evaluation of the pros and cons, there was mainly one choice left, the Toyota Land Cruizer HZJ78 aka “Troopy”. It is known in most countries we intend to visit, in some of them it even serves in public transport. It is tough, well off road capable and offers the most space of the cars that still fit in a container. Last but not least it is built of simple proven mechanics with no electronics and useless toys and has a reputation of indestuctivness.

So the search begun and went on... and on…, we spent hours of searching through the internet and had to figure that in Switzerland our vehicle of choice does almost not exist. In the mean time we started calculating the possibilities of importing it from Germany, but there are serve difficulties about the quality of exhaust. But as you know, hope dies last.

In September 2007 our stamina and persistency got rewarded and we found number three of our bundle. More about him you’ll find here.

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