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Characteristics of Sonja
Name: Sonja
e-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Birthday: 23rd May 1977
Born in: Recklinghausen, Deutschland
Work: Banker
Diving since: 2000, PADI AOWD

Diving, Traveling, Painting Reading, Hiking, Skiing, Playing the Piano (there was not much time lately, to the disapointment of Markus), Organizing (and how ;o), just to relax once

My Duties:

Co-pilot, Routeplander, Medicine-Woman, Cook, Diary-Writer

My expectation of this journey:
My grand aunt emigrated many years ago to the USA and in the dark season my grand father was traveling all winter long, driven away by the cold. So one could say traveling was laid in my cradle. Since I love my country and I'm not at war with winter eigther, I have a different driving force.


I want to see and experience this world with all its beauty and wonders. In the past five weeks of Holiday had to be enough. But if you look at our globe that just isn't enough time, so the plan we are living took form.


Live is not measured by the number of our breath, but by the moments and places that took our breath away.

  Sonja in Engelberg
die Wurst
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